This past weekend we finally were able to take the kids swimming. They’ve been asking for weeks, but, of course, everything going on between school stuff, work, and the whole pandemic has been a little complicated. But, this week, we made it happen with the four day weekend we were able to spend a lot of time with the kids and just getting stuff done in general. So here’s how our weekend played out. On Saturday, we ran to the target of course, grab one thing, and ended up with a basket full of other things. We got the kids some summer clothes and a baby crib. Yup! Knoah, our youngest, finally moved out of our room this weekend. Then we had a bunch of family members over and had a fish fry. It felt so good to be able to have a family gathering and feel somewhat familiar again. Then Sunday, we pretty much spent the whole day relaxing well, the rest of the family was I pretty much spent most of the day attempting to learn how to make puff pastry dough. I somehow always get caught up watching cooking shows and end up knowing the scientific reasons for why you use certain ingredients. By the end of the day, I was making my mother in law homemade apple turnovers. I thought they were going to be thick and juicy, but the filling will oozed out all over my pan. They came out okay but, they did not look like all the pretty pictures all over the internet.

Then on Monday, My friend came over to help me with our garden. It was a lot more work then I thought, but I’m incredibly proud to say I’m officially a plant mom now. I hadn’t realized, but I went from owning one plant to owning and keeping alive 15 plants over the past year. My son Jaden was also really excited because we harvested our first vegetable from the garden he helped me to plant. After that, we went to my husband’s side of the family’s house, and everyone went swimming. It was the first time taking the new baby, and he didn’t like it at first, but I guess it was calming because he fell right to sleep. My other son Elijah was literally like a fish out of water. Thank god for the life jacket because as soon as we opened the gate, he ran and jumped right into the water and of course, the same for Jaden. Needless to say I think the kids enjoyed the weekend and spent a lot of time with family.