Vacation during a pandemic

Okay, so I know I’ve been MIA for the last couple of weeks. I’m still getting the hang of this blogging thing, besides that its a little difficult blogging while on vacation.

 In the past several weeks, there have been a million things going on but, we still managed to take a break and get out of town. We usually go to San Diego every summer in June but, this year was completely different. First, we didn’t have one baby; we had two, and then on top of that, we are in the middle of a pandemic. 

  Due to all of the unknowns, there were many things we had to consider. I would recommend that if you’re planning a vacation soon to do your research as well. 

  1. What precautions and procedures are in place at the hotel
  2. what are the rules in the state or country you’re going to visit
  3. what restaurants/businesses are open that you may want to visit.

Before we left on our trip, I contacted the hotel to see what rules may have changed and how they handled Covid-19 in the hotel. Our particular hotel was not providing room service/ housekeeping until day 3 of our stay. Therefore I had to prepare for small things like cleaning the bathroom. Also, our hotel specifically required a mask to be worn when we were not in our room. Second, I looked up the places we wanted to visit and contacted them. For example, we wanted to go to Seaworld but found out it was still not open. I then contacted the Bellmount park in San Diego to see if the rides and beach were open. Last, I looked up the change in hours at certain restaurants and contacted them about what they do for bigger parties.

Now for the packing, we have two kids under three, so there was a lot to consider when packing. How will we carry them? How will we protect them from being exposed to COVID-19, where will they sleep, and what foods to pack. Here was our packing list.

  1. Graco Pack N play
  2. Baby carriers (ErgoBaby 360 & Infantino)
  3. Stroller (Contour Options Ellite)
  4. Blankets (2 linen, 4 receiving, 2 soft blankets)
  5. Four warm outfits (depending on Wheather)
  6.  2 outfits for everyday traveling (For accidents)
  7. Life jackets/swimming diapers/Swim trunks
  8. Diapers (we took an entire box for 5 days)
  9. Wipes (3 packs)
  10. Formula (12oz can and 30oz can)
  11. Baby food pouches (25 for 5 days)
  12. Thermos (for hot foods) (Chicken noodle soup)
  13. Snacks finger foods (gummies, goldfish, pretzels)
  14. Shoes
  15. Mask/face coverings

For our bigger kids, it was so much more relaxed we matched up their outfits and packed. Of course, we had to make sure we had masks and mask filers but, other than that, the big kids were easy to pack for. 

`The biggest thing to be concerned about is making sure you have enough stuff to keep your family, especially the kids, safe in a different environment. I went over and above to make sure we all had masks and Mask filters. I packed extra blankets for when we took the babies outside versus when we were in the hotel. Also, when the kids were in the stroller or carriers, we made sure they were facing towards us to prevent weirdos from getting too close or trying to touch the babies. As far as food, I decided to make sure we had easily accessible things; therefore, we had uncrustables, bread, sandwich meat, pop tarts, instant oatmeal, and several snacks. 

  As far as keeping the hotel room clean, I requested new towels every day, and I took my cleaning supplies and small trash bags that we would empty before we left every morning. We cleaned our room every day before we left and then would request new towels.

Overall, Vaccationing during a pandemic can still be enjoyable; you just have to take a few more precautions and wear a mask to prevent exposure as much as possible.