Life in this Choas

Hey guys, I know its been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been a little preoccupied with attempting to start my garden. A lot is going on right now  in America and worldwide. The Coronavirus’s threat knocks on our doorstep, and then there’s the issue of Civil rights and people fighting for justice.
I’ve found that With everything going on, it has been easy for me to get caught up in it all. Over the past several months, there have been many situations where my anxiety had gotten the best of me. There have been days when I’ve been in tears due to how society treats people of color.
There have been days I find myself overthinking the pandemic and freaking out, thinking that I may have to stock up on supplies and food.
With everything I’ve come to realize that To be the best mother and wife I need to be on my A game mentally. Some people may not agree, but the woman of the house sets the tone for how everything and everyone in the home reacts to things. Over the past several months, I’ve had to figure out ways to stay sane and provide comfort to my family even when I’ve been panicking inside. So I began trying to find my own hobbies and things that would allow me to get a break from all of the chaos.
 In the past 4 months, I’ve started a blog, I’ve begun cooking more, I’ve worked on trying to learn more and not watch as much meaningless tv shows. Don’t get me wrong I love pointless TV like Family feud and reality tv shows but, I’ve found that it doesn’t help me mentally. Recently I even started a garden.
In times like now, we need to be able to refocus on meaningful things in life. We need to take this time to learn and grow. At first, it was difficult for me to wrap my head around it all and even now. I’d never in a million years imagine being at home with my kids and husband all day. I’d never imagined applying for unemployment or homeschooling or having to go places with Masks on. This whole thing is a new way of life.
I say all of this to say that no matter what’s going on around us, we still need to find time for ourselves, and we need to make sure we are healthy to be the best we can for our families.

Summer Adventures with my boys

San Diego 2020

This year was so different than all the previous family vacations for many different things. We went from a family of 3 kids to a family of 4 kids. We also went from living normal daily life to going on vacation in the middle of a pandemic.
Overall, I think my kids loved the vacation and although we weren’t able to plan a lot of things we somehow managed to make the best of it and enjoy each other’s company. While On vacation, my kids were able to go to the beach, the strawberry patch visit with friends, see the Hollywood sign, go to the alley, and have a pool party.
In my eyes, I thought they weren’t going to enjoy all of that but, I think it was a long-needed break from being in the house the past several months.
It was also really cool because our children got to see real-life history in the making from witnessing protesters to seeing all the signs that read Black lives Matter written on the street as well as by the staples center. My children had a lot of questions, and it allowed us to have an appropriate kid conversation about what’s going on in the world. I still feel like there’s so much more to discuss, but I want to continue to explain a little at a time. Also, my children had never seen the Hollywood sign so they were extremely excited to see it and take pictures. My boys loved walking along the beach and even experienced one of our favorite cookie places we used to go to in college.
During our trip, we stayed out late and allowed our kids to see and experience new places. Of course, we had to have multiple diaper changing sessions and outfit changes depending on the weather, but we all pitched in and enjoyed it. I’ve noticed that this pandemic allowed our lives to slow down in a way to where we haven’t really noticed that things we are missing but; Instead, we have been able to come up with new games, projects and have been able to enjoy the simple things we used to take for granted. I hope to make many more memories with my children during the rest of this summer.


This past weekend we finally were able to take the kids swimming. They’ve been asking for weeks, but, of course, everything going on between school stuff, work, and the whole pandemic has been a little complicated. But, this week, we made it happen with the four day weekend we were able to spend a lot of time with the kids and just getting stuff done in general. So here’s how our weekend played out. On Saturday, we ran to the target of course, grab one thing, and ended up with a basket full of other things. We got the kids some summer clothes and a baby crib. Yup! Knoah, our youngest, finally moved out of our room this weekend. Then we had a bunch of family members over and had a fish fry. It felt so good to be able to have a family gathering and feel somewhat familiar again. Then Sunday, we pretty much spent the whole day relaxing well, the rest of the family was I pretty much spent most of the day attempting to learn how to make puff pastry dough. I somehow always get caught up watching cooking shows and end up knowing the scientific reasons for why you use certain ingredients. By the end of the day, I was making my mother in law homemade apple turnovers. I thought they were going to be thick and juicy, but the filling will oozed out all over my pan. They came out okay but, they did not look like all the pretty pictures all over the internet.

Then on Monday, My friend came over to help me with our garden. It was a lot more work then I thought, but I’m incredibly proud to say I’m officially a plant mom now. I hadn’t realized, but I went from owning one plant to owning and keeping alive 15 plants over the past year. My son Jaden was also really excited because we harvested our first vegetable from the garden he helped me to plant. After that, we went to my husband’s side of the family’s house, and everyone went swimming. It was the first time taking the new baby, and he didn’t like it at first, but I guess it was calming because he fell right to sleep. My other son Elijah was literally like a fish out of water. Thank god for the life jacket because as soon as we opened the gate, he ran and jumped right into the water and of course, the same for Jaden. Needless to say I think the kids enjoyed the weekend and spent a lot of time with family.



“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is Happy memories”

-Og Mandino